Mission and Vision

Following the example of Jesus’ earthly ministry, we maintain a single purpose and a dominant strategy. This purpose — or mission — is to glorify God by establishing and expanding His kingdom. This strategy — or vision — is to make disciples who follow Jesus and live radically committed expanding His Kingdom. All of our ministry operates along the complementary, intertwined themes of worship and discipleship as we invite, call, and lead people to value God supremely and to follow Jesus absolutely.


Parkway Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making disciples.


We make disciples by leading others to grow and multiply in fellowship, obedience, services and missions.


[every member in community]


[every member obeying God’s Word]


[every member using his/her gifts]


[every member sharing the gospel]

How does this happen?

In fellowship, we connect each person to the church through relationships. From membership to Sunday School and beyond, we want each member to build lasting relationships with others and multiply those relationships by leading others to join.

In obedience, we teach God’s word and model obedience to lead each person toward spiritual maturity. Our goal is not increased knowledge but transformed living that God will use to lead others to know and follow Christ.

In service, we challenge each member to discover and use his/her gifts for the common good of the church. God uses our combined and diverse service to meet one another’s needs, grow individual believers, and lead others to follow Christ.

In missions
, we seek to make the gospel known in every corner of the world through the collective voices of our members. From Bardstown to Balgue, Nicaragua, from Springfield Road to Monroe, MI, from Cox’s Creek to the island of Haiti from south of the blue bridge to south Asia from Quick Stop to Quito, Ecuador from Maywood to Haiti, we equip and exhort each member to share the gospel.